Would you like to take a holiday but are fearful of losing track of your artistic talent or lingering behind your creativity skills like custom paint by number? Will you feel anxious or nervous sketching in a new and unfamiliar environment?

According to the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, people who travel are more open, expressive, and emotionally stable. It also promotes healthy brain cells.

Traveling is an excellent strategy for acquiring new original and ingenious ideas in a different setting. It’s also a perfect medium for weathering the different challenges in a foreign territory and eventually develop one’s personal growth.

Breaking out of the usual comfort zones such as art studios will help artists extract their various inner artful potential lying dormant in them all this time.

Here are the essential travel tips:

  • Organize the important art SUPPLIES

Organize the important art SUPPLIES

Carefully select the art supplies according to your artwork plans. You should only bring portable and essential artistic paraphernalia and keep in a handy bag organizer with lots of compartments. It is recommended to leave behind pricey instruments to avoid losing them.

Be organized, prepare in advance all the necessary things that you need.

You can practice outdoor sketching or drawing objects, living creatures, landscapes, and painting self-portraits with a time constraint, it will develop one’s efficiency and poignant creativity skills.

If you are a professional sketcher, give away your promotional items to people you meet like personalized notepads or notebooks with your original masterpiece and contact details on it.

personalized notepads

Balance your holiday trip entertaining yourself with other activities you enjoy most aside from sketching while touring around.

  • Advertise to local artists through social media

Get recommendations from the local fine artists about awesome artsy places to enjoy outdoor painting or sketching. Make a list of the suggested places and determine the distance of travel from your hotel.

Painting self-portraits in a new venue greatly improves one’s cognitive flexibility, and enhance one’s ingenuity.

Aside from sightseeing, indulge in unique recreational activities offered in the locality. Unwind yourself by experimenting with new things while exploring the place.

  • Don’t limit your attention to visual arts, divert yourself to new experiences

Aside from visiting the conventional art galleries or museums, why not exploring other eccentric places.

Spend time with the local people, learn from their culture, beliefs, and tradition.  Purchase their local products, or taste their original delicacies or cuisine, is a must for every traveler.

Meeting different kinds of people helps one understand, accept, and embrace the uniqueness of every individual and every culture regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, and socio-economic status in life.

Connecting with the locals also provides one with a valuable chance to discover their personality, idiosyncrasies, and proclivities in life.


Utilizing the waiting time can be a productive part of traveling. You can relieve the boredom by refining the sketches that you have done which effortlessly stimulate your brain cells.



One can make a stop-over, and choose the desired object, landscape, living creature, or anything you feel like drawing. The artist can also determine, appreciate, and refine the meticulous details that are significant to the entire image.

Inevitably, one seeks out things that he previously never did and appreciates the value of a certain place. Every place visited is now a visual venture’s hunt.


Travel illustrating is a meaningful adventure wherein the artisan can capture one’s personal view of what he saw.

The health benefits of traveling will undeniably boost one’s quintessential talent of sketching landscapes, people, living creatures, objects as well as painting self-portraits.

It also offers the artist an opportunity to explore, discover their artistic prowess, and significantly strengthen one’s self-confidence in a new alternative foreign environment.

One can also acquire a whole new kind of perspective in meeting and connecting with people coming from different races, ethnicity, religion, culture, and socio-economic status in life.

An artist is not only limited to the four walls of his art studio, through travel, one can conquer the entire world with his amazing original masterpieces.

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