Decor Abroad While Traveling

When you travel abroad, you might encounter many decorations that you want to buy and bring back home. However, since you are traveling, there are several factors like to consider: the furniture you can use to hide secret things, how you will ship it back home or if it is even worth it etc etc.

Luckily, this article can help you with your dilemma. Here are 8 tips that’ll help you when buying decor while traveling:

Have Some Portable Packaging

Paper and bubble wrap are packaging materials that can be used to protect fragile home decor. Just wrap a thick layer of packaging around your decor, then put it inside your suitcase. For added protection, fill in the space between the decor and the suitcase with packaging.

Get Room Measurements Ahead of Time

Your decor’s measurements must also fit with the measurements of your doorways and room. This is because your decor has to travel through passages in your house to get to its room destination. Measure the height and width of your doorway. Also, measure how much space there is for your doorway to open.

Stick to Practical Design

Only buy decors that complement your home during any holiday or occasion. If you don’t, you will end up with a piece that will be stuck in storage.

Think of International Shipping

Weight is measured together with the packaging and cushioning of the furniture for concealment. If the furniture weighs less than 100 lbs, you have more shipping companies to choose from, and you’ll pay a cheaper shipping cost. If it weighs more than 100 lbs, you’ll have limited choices in selecting a shipping company, and you’ll pay the expensive shipping cost.

Packaging comes in crate boxes and cardboard boxes. Crate boxes are made of sturdier wood and are suitable for heavy furniture, but they’re quite expensive. Cardboard boxes are suitable for light furniture and are cheaper.

Cushioning comes in bubble wrap and foam peanuts. The furniture should be wrapped in a 5-cm layer of cushioning. Even the interior of the box should be lined with a 5-cm layer of cushioning. The space between the furniture and the box should also be filled with cushioning for more protection.

Cultural Value

Choose decors that represent which country they’re from and who made them. An artist or seller should be able to inform you what the decor is made of, how it’s made, and why it represents a culture.

Visual Reference

Take photos of your space to help you choose decors according to size. For example, if there’s a large space on the wall behind your sofa, don’t hang a small painting unless you put it in a larger frame.

Artwork Size

A small art piece can be rolled up or inserted in between the book pages to carry it with you safely. If you want a large art piece but it’s framed, just have it unframed and shipped to you. You can put it in a frame when you receive it.

Final Words

The kind of decor you have at home says a lot about your travels. Your visitors will get to see these things up-close without having to go abroad.

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