Online travel booking has made it very easy for people to travel around the world with the help of WIFI signage. Travel agents help in answering questions that clients may need before booking a flight. One of the most challenging aspects of the traveling business is remaining relevant, especially in the physical world, and due to this reason, digital signage has become a necessary enhancement.

Digital signage incorporates screens’ usage when sharing content, thereby reducing the distance between the travel store and communications online.

Benefits of digital signage

  • Changing information

Digital signs are useful because any information can be changed depending on where one is getting their sources. This process is very important compared to when people used brochures to write information which could easily be outdated.

  • Displaying diverse subjects for different sites

Travel agencies with different locations can be able to show different scenes for different places. Digital signage enables people to monitor and manage all information from different sites; for example, what can be shown in Germany can differ from what is shown in Vietnam.

  • Reusing different content

Many people usually have the notion that digital signage is only a marketing tool. However, the uploaded content can be used to show different meanings to many clients across the internet. Using social media, the addition of quotes, and real-life interactions by people can make it easy to attract different customers.

Digital signage content to share to travel agencies

Below is ideas travel agents uses when showing different content on the screens;

  • Sharing information

One of the best ways to entice customers to a screen is by using information that they are seeking in terms of service. The information could be;

Weather- they could wonder if they need to travel to destinations to experience the weather.

Currency- showing current exchange rates to clients is essential.

World clock- they could see various timelines of different places worldwide.

  • Visuals

To attract customers, attractive visuals should be used. Applications such as Dropbox gallery are essential in even inserting images to attract customers.

  • Analysis and opinions

Feedbacks from clients are important in identifying what they loved and what they disliked when describing a certain place they visited. One can use the Quote App to design the best platform for people to share their opinions.

Setup for a digital signage display

  • Screens

Android TVs are the best to use when displaying information to clients. One can use digital signage with WIFI, download the Screencloud app, and use it to do whatever is necessary to create information.

  • Various software

A hardware setup is very important since it makes it easy for software to be downloaded. The right connections should also be used. Digital signage with WIFI is important as its long-lasting and can be renewed per month. Some of the software used includes the Chrome App store and ioS App store.

  • Applications and content

The Screencloud app is the best when it comes to supporting files such as gifs and pngs. One can also use different images and videos when creating content.


Digital signage is the way to go since it attracts clients and assists in improving clients’ services.

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