Travelling DJ

Here is a list of some bestselling travel bags to store your silhouette vs Cricut records.

Magma 45 7″ Vinyl Record Bag 150 (Black)

Price: £73.33

Vinyl Record Bag 150

This is a stylish, compact bag for pros and enthusiasts of the 45-format. It holds up to 150 7-inch records. The main body of semi-hard PVC is fully padded. The bag has a stealthy black, water-resistant, ballistic nylon finish. The main compartment can be organized into two sections, so records can be placed side-by-side or front-to-back.

Technics Backpack 12 Inch LP Vinyl Record Bag 60 (Navy blue with white logo)

Price: £32.50

Technics Backpack 12 Inch

This trendy bag is ideal for a short gig or a record shopping trip. It can carry up to 50 LPs and has additional pockets for accessories and equipment. It can be slung on as a rucksack or carried using the shoulder strap.

Magma LP100 Profi 12 Inch Vinyl Bag (Black)

Price: £83.33

Magma LP100 Profi 12 Inch Vinyl Bag

This robust, durable bag has extra-thick padding that can be removed. It has space for 90-100 records. There are also additional pockets to store accessories. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and comfortable carrying handle. It has a padlock to keep your records safe and an address tag attached.

UDG SlingBag 12 Inch Vinyl Record & Equipment Bag (Black camo)

Price: £75.83

UDG SlingBag 12 Inch Vinyl Record

The medium-sized foam-padded SlingBag is the perfect bag for the starting DJ. Made of water-resistant nylon, it holds about 50 vinyl records. It has storage for accessories. It comes with a shoulder strap and a padded handgrip. There are rubber slip guards on the bottom, providing extra protection.

Motown Backpack 12″ Vinyl Record Bag

Price: £28.33

Motown Backpack 12

This stylish record bag, which can store up to 50 records is great for transporting LPs or for a trip to the record shop. It can hold up to 50 records. There are additional pockets for various DJ accessories and equipment. It features an adjustable, detachable strap and shoulder straps, and handles. You’ll be able to carry the bag as a rucksack.

Korg Multi-purpose DJ Bag

Price: £64.99

Tucker & Bloom Muto 12

This classy record bag is made of durable water-resistant PVC. It can store about 25 LPs. Besides this, it has space for a notebook computer and accessories. It is ideal for a small gig or shopping at a record store.

Tucker & Bloom Muto 12″ Vinyl Record Bag (Black)

Price: £166.66

Tucker & Bloom Muto 12

The MUTO Record bag is designed to take a beating and to be as flexible as possible. The shell is waterproof ballistic nylon, while the interiors have a velveteen finish with thick padding. It has space for 60 records as well as a pocket for a notebook computer.

Virgin Records Striped Messenger 12″ Vinyl Record Bag

Price: £15.63

Virgin Records Striped Messenger 12

This slick retro messenger bag can be used as either a DJ bag or just a general day bag. It features a strong, adjustable shoulder strap, protective feet, and is fully lined. It can hold 35 vinyl records.

Reloop Club Series 80 12 Inch 50/50 Slanted Black Vinyl Record Case

Price: £49.99

Mukatsuku Records

The Reloop Club Series case is a classic case constructed using aluminum-coated wood. It has thick padding, a removable top, a foldaway handle, and round protective edges. It can easily hold 80 records.

Mukatsuku Records Are Our Friends Black Leather 7 Inch 45 Vinyl Record Bag Version # 3

Price: £95.83

Mukatsuku Records

This record bag is made with luxury leather. It is hand-crafted with an embossed Mukatsuku logo. It features an adjustable leather shoulder strap and padded pockets for DJ accessories. It can hold up to 80 7-inch records.

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